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Compliance Structure

Basic Compliance Policies and Compliance Structure

In the non-life insurance industry, which is an important element of public infrastructure, companies are required to comply with laws and regulations and demonstrate high ethical standards in every aspect of their professional conduct. The business of Toa Re, the only full-line comprehensive reinsurance company headquartered in Japan, is based on globally accepted, free and fair business practices, and moreover, on strict compliance with the laws and regulations and the high ethical standards that constitute the essential foundation for those practices.
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1.Basic Compliance Policies and Code of Conduct

Toa Re has established the Basic Compliance Policies, which articulate the Company’s mission expressed by its motto “Providing Peace of Mind,” and the Code of Conduct to ensure that the policies are put into practice.

2.Compliance Structure

  1. History of Toa Re’s promotion of compliance
    AUG. 2000 The Basic Compliance Policies is established.
    SEP. 2000 The Compliance Department is established.
    APR. 2001 Code of Conduct, the Compliance Program and the Rules of Compliance are established. The Compliance Manual is formulated and distributed to all officers and employees.
    AUG. 2002 The Compliance Manual for the three overseas branches is formulated.
    APR. 2003 The Information Security Policy is established.
    MAR. 2004 The Compliance Handbook is prepared and distributed to all officers and employees.
    APR. 2005 The Privacy Policy and the Personal Information Handling Rules are established.
    MAR. 2009 The Rules concerning the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds are established.
    JUN. 2009 The Conflict of Interest Management Policy and the Conflict of Interest Management Rules are established.
    The Basic Policy for the Antisocial Forces is established.
    APR. 2011 The Compliance Manual is published on the intranet.
    JUN. 2012 The Handling of Antisocial Forces Rules is established.
    DEC. 2014 The Outsourcing Management Rules are established.
    MAY. 2015 The Whistle-blowing Rules are established.
    OCT. 2015 The Specific Personal Information Handling Rules are established.
  2. Compliance Structure and Activities

    The Company has established the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the president and whose members include an external lawyer. In addition, the Company has established the Compliance Steering Committee comprising department managers who are appointed as compliance officers. Each department assigns a person to serve as a compliance supervisor, in order to promote compliance activities as a whole organization.

    Each fiscal year, the Board of Directors establishes the Compliance Program, a concrete compliance implementation plan, and on the basis of the program the Company conducts education and training and engages in other compliance activities.

    Putting in place similar systems at overseas branches and subsidiaries, the Company is striving to strengthen compliance throughout the Group.

  3. Whistle-blower system

    The Company has established points of contact for employees etc. to report or seek consultation and advice about any unlawful conduct in the Toa Re Group. The Company has put in place a system for reporting to the Compliance Committee, the Board of Directors, and Audit & Supervisory Board Members to enable swift implementation of corrective measures. The Company has also put in place a system to ensure reporting to the supervisory agency if a matter reported is deemed unlawful.

■Compliance Reporting Structure