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Message from the President

During fiscal 2020, the year ended 31st March, 2021, the insurance and reinsurance industries have been encountering a substantially changing business environment. For instance, insurance needs and risks have been rapidly diversifying and changing amid developments that include evolution and growing prevalence of digital technologies, frequent occurrences of natural disasters associated with global warming, and demographic trends in the form of a decreasing birthrate and an aging population. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our world in a variety of ways, having weighed on the global economy as well as people’s work and life styles.

Amid these circumstances, the Toa Re Group has drawn up TEAM TOA 2023, its new medium-term management plan, which launched in April 2021. Under TEAM TOA 2023, we aim to achieve sustainable growth in step with our clients and society by providing optimal solutions and services to our clients amid an increasingly changing environment. The respective entities and sections of the Group will rally together in carrying out various initiatives for achieving such targets.

Everyone at the Toa Re Group will do their utmost to ensure that the Group consistently fulfills its mission as a reinsurance company “Providing Peace of Mind,” as articulated in the Toa Re Mission Statement. We look forward to your ongoing support going forward.

Masaaki Matsunaga
President and Chief Executive