Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Positioning environmental protection and contribution to the community as essential elements of the Toa Re Mission Statement, we are striving to promote initiatives to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In accordance with “Mission 2020”, our medium-term management plan launched in April 2018, the entire Group will implement various measures concerning CSR to realize our corporate vision.

Initiatives for Clients

Toa Re holds various reinsurance seminars and workshops in Japan and overseas to improve communication and share knowledge with our clients.

Every year, Toa Re holds STEP, a seminar for junior staff working in direct non-life insurance companies in Japan (generally, with less than one year of experience). The STEP curriculum incorporates numerous case studies involving trainee participation and straightforward explanations of fundamental principles of reinsurance and practices. The seminar is appreciated by participating companies as valuable training of practical benefit in business.
STEP (June 2018)

Every year, Toa Re holds STEP LIFE, a training program on medical underwriting for employees of direct life insurance companies, small amount and short term insurers and co-operatives in Japan who are engaged in underwriting. In previous fiscal years, we held this program twice a year, but having received more applications than the number of seats available, we held it three times in fiscal 2018 for a total of 59 participants, the highest number ever.

We consider it important that our medical doctors and underwriters share their knowledge concerning medical underwriting with our clients not only as a client service but also as an initiative that will raise the level of underwriting in Japan. We intend to continue to offer STEP LIFE while progressively enriching its content.

STEP LIFE (August, September 2018)

The objective of Reinsurance Seminar of Toa (RST) is to deepen the relationships with clients by enhancing mutual understanding. Toa Re invites major clients, mainly from Asian countries, and presents lectures on Japan’s insurance market, while also providing opportunities to experience Japanese culture and others, to get to know Toa Re.

The non-life program consisted of lectures on the non-life insurance market, various insurance products, major risks and reinsurance arrangements in Japan, a workshop on reinsurance, virtual disaster experience with an earthquake simulation vehicle, etc.

The life program consisted of lectures on an overview of the life insurance market in Japan, medical underwriting, the introduction of cancer insurance products and presentations by the participants on their products and markets. The seminar helped deepen mutual understanding.

These programs were highly appreciated by the participants because of the quality of the expertise offered.

RST (August 2018)

Non-life Insurance and Reinsurance Seminars
In July 2018, Toa Re held a seminar for clients in Thailand. Subjects covered included the background to liberalization of automobile insurance in Japan, change in automobile insurance products, trends of premium volume and the loss ratio, and current issues concerning automobile insurance in Japan. The seminars were well received by our clients.

For clients in Asia, we intend to continue holding various seminars corresponding to local needs in order to deepen our fruitful relationships with them and contribute to the sound development of the reinsurance industry in the Asia region.

Seminar in Thailand (July 2018)

Life Insurance and Reinsurance Seminars
In 2018, Toa Re held seminars on medical underwriting in the Kansai area and Tokyo. Also, in overseas, we dispatched instructors to seminars in Indonesia and China and introduced Japan’s advanced initiatives. These seminars were well received by our clients.

We intend to continue holding various seminars and making presentations in order to offer clients insights and information on life insurance and reinsurance, which will help them accomplish their objectives, while also contributing to the development of the market.

Seminar in China (October 2018)

Seminars for Co-operative Insurers (regulated Kyosai) and Small Amount and Short Term Insurers
Toa Re is vigorously promoting the co-operative reinsurance business as well as holding various seminars for co-operative insurers and small amount and short term insurers in order to enhance client services and cultivate new clients.

In addition to seminars on reinsurance, seminars on product development, and seminars on regulations, we hold various seminars in response to clients’ requests.
Our seminars are highly appreciated by the participants.

We intend to continue providing such seminars to contribute clients’ business development.

Reinsurance seminar

Initiatives for Shareholders

Toa Re continues to build a stable management-base as a strategic objective. A major part of this effort focuses on reinforcing the solid relationships we have with our shareholders.

We are stepping up our investor relations activities. For example, we meet with our shareholders before and/or after our Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to report on the closing of our financial accounts. Furthermore, we make every effort to respond quickly to inquiries from our shareholders. In this way, we hope to build on the long-term relationships of trust we enjoy with our shareholders. (The latest Consolidated Financial Statements are available on our corporate website.




Initiatives for Employees

It is our belief that a strong framework encourages employees both in their work and in achieving their personal selfdevelopment goals. We have in place performance appraisal and salary systems which provide a fair evaluation of employees’ abilities and performance.

To help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance, we have introduced child and nursing care leave systems together with shorter working hours for employees with young children. We aim to create a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to make full use of these systems. We also provide welfare programs and various other programs for our employees.

Toa Re’s greatest asset is its human resources. The personal growth of our employees underpins our ability as a reinsurance service provider to enhance the value of the products and services that we provide to clients and for the benefit all our stakeholders.

We strive to develop employees who are not only equipped with professional expertise but also with a sense of humanity and responsibility. Our employees are committed to making use of their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of society and clients. Toa Re puts in place various systems to foster excellent human resources while striving to cultivate a vigorous corporate culture that encourages employees to embrace challenges.

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