Activity ReportEnvironmental Protection and Social Contribution Activities
Our environmental protection activities are focused on the mitigation of global warming, an issue with profound implications for the insurance business.

We also engage in social contribution activities to support the realization and continuation of “peace of mind” and development of communities and society in Japan and around the world as a good corporate citizen.

Hereafter, we continue to improve such activities to contribute to lower environmental burden for preservation our environment. Toa Re also facilitates employees to understand and to get interested in social contribution activities.

ECONOSAURUS 2018 Eco-Calendar

To raise the environmental awareness of as many people as possible, we distribute the Eco-Calendar to children at public elementary schools in Chiyoda-ku, where Toa Re’s head office is located, as well as to our clients.

The ECONOSAURUS Eco-Calendar is a fun way to learn about the environmental impact of activities of our daily lives. By keeping a record on the Eco-Calendar of the amounts of electricity, gas and water consumed, one can calculate the corresponding amounts of emissions of carbon dioxide, a substance said to lead to global warming. The Eco-Calendar shows the environmental friendliness of one’s household based on selfassessment and encourages one to do better.


Lectures on Environmental Issues

To contribute to protection of the global environment, Toa Re and the General Insurance Institute of Japan have been jointly holding a series of lectures on environmental issues.

In fiscal 2018, Associate Professor U Hiroi of the Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo gave a lecture titled “Disaster Prevention of Megacities.”

2018 Lecture (November 9, 2018)
“Disaster Prevention of Megacities”

Book Donations

Wishing to inspire children to take an informed interest in environmental issues, Toa Re donates books on environmental themes to the eight public elementary schools in Chiyoda-ku every year on Earth Day (April 22).

Participation in TABLE FOR TWO

We participate in TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), a program simultaneously addressing issues concerning hunger in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in developed countries.

If TFT lunches are purchased at our cafeteria, by setting aside a certain amount as donation, a portion of the total amount will be used to provide school lunches for children in developing countries.

Vending machines at Toa Re Head Office support a TFT donation program. A portion of sales from these vending machines is donated to TFT.

Event to Support Recovery of Disaster-affected Areas

Toa Re held following events to support Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime prefectures, which were affected by the torrential rains in western Japan from late June to early July in 2018, and the Tohoku region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, where many people still remain in temporary accommodation although more than seven years has passed since the disaster.

Lunch to Support West Japan Torrential Rain Recovery
For four days in late October and early November, the cafeteria at Toa Re Head Office offered lunch menus consisting of dishes made using ingredients from Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime prefectures in order to further promote vitalization of the disaster-affected areas.

Miyagi Recovery Support Marché
A Miyagi fair selling specialties from Miyagi Prefecture, including snacks and sake, was held on October 24, 2018, in the lobby on the first floor of Toa Re Head Office.
Miyagi Recovery Support Marché

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